December 20, 2023

  • Bunbury Fringe festival kicks off early with the launch of Albemarle Garden Gigs
  • Musicians will perform free gigs in sculpted gardens throughout January

Bunbury Fringe festivities will kick off early in January with the launch of Albemarle Garden Gigs, a new festival drawcard.

For the first time, South West musicians will perform a series of free gigs within the Fringe Garden, which has been made possible through Albemarle’s Community Grants Program.

The event is set to feature various Australian artists including Margaret River based musician Dan White and his band Brightsider, and emerging artist and former Bunbury musician Finn Mickle with his band Finn Alexander and the Forever Party.

Albemarle Australia Country Manager Beverley East said the company was delighted to sponsor the Garden Gigs events.

“Summer in Bunbury is perfect for outdoor music gigs so we can’t wait for Garden Gigs to start and hopefully become an ongoing feature of the Fringe Festival, creating opportunities for emerging artists and fun for the community,” Ms East said.

“In 2024, we will continue to invest in the region and in local initiatives that are helping to make a difference to the broader community.”

Bunbury Fringe Artistic Director Jo O’Dea said the Albemarle Garden Gigs event will take place ahead of the Festival’s official opening, to bring the community together.

“Bunbury Fringe is a growing event that engages over 5000 people from throughout the state, in the heart of Bunbury, and the gathering place is the Fringe Garden, which this year, is possible due to the valuable partnership of Albemarle,” she said.

“The garden is accessed via a breathtaking entryway created with a botanical sculpture including live plants, and this incredible sculpture opens up to a garden that becomes an oasis in the heat of the Australian summer.

“Visitors will also have the exceptional experience of dancing to multicultural DJ group, Solouk, again cementing the festival’s position as an iconic regional event with a strong focus on the development of state and regional arts.

“The Fringe Garden will also showcase artworks created by Catheryn Meads, Giuseppe Rugnetta and Lewis Horn.

“There will be a minimum of 60 shows happening in Fringe venues, and via the Buddies program where local businesses and groups present and host performances throughout the CBD.”

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